Payment process

  • Do not pay the hacker directly. Pay through the site admin that only releases payment to hackers after customers approve delivery.
  • You can pay by PayPal, Credit card or Bitcoin. The site admin will send you payment instructions after the work is completed and verified.
  • If there is any doubt about payment or trade term, contact
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  • What is the price of the hack?
    This price guide is based on historical data and standard variation

    Task Low Price High Price Mean Price
    Social Media USD 350 USD 900 USD 540
    Email USD 400 USD 800 USD 480
    Website USD 700 USD 1600 USD 720
    Phone USD 500 USD 800 USD 540
    University Grade USD 700 USD 2100 USD 790

  • How do I trust a hacker? You do not have to blindly trust anyone, simply trade through us ( and we will ensure fair trading between both parties
  • Do I pay hackers directly? No. If a hacker asks for payment directly to his/her account, report to
  • How can I avoid fraud? Strictly follow the payment process
  • Can I pay by credit card No. Do not to pay by credit card or give out your credit card information to hackers even if you are in a hurry
  • How can I report a hacker? Report to, we review and suspend the hacker in violation of THL policy..

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