Price Guide

The sensitivity of the trade does not allow exact spot price, however, we provide price guide based on historical data (concentration, standard variation and distribution)

Task Low Price High Price Mean Price
Social Media USD 350 USD 900 USD 545
Email USD 400 USD 1100 USD 600
Website USD 700 USD 1600 USD 720
Phone USD 500 USD 800 USD 600
University Grade USD 700 USD 2100 USD 790

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Fraud Protection

  • We apply a rigorous verification process of hackers. We continously rate, monitor and evaluate suspend all users based on others feedback. We apply strict customer satisfaction index when rating a user. 
  • Rate a hacker and notify us about a hacker. Your rating and feedback help this site, users and this community.
  • We give you 5 tips to avoid fraud
    • Check the rating of hacker(s) before employing them.
    • Do not exchange any money in advance, prior to the commencement of work.
    • Avoid hackers who offer very low or high price. Check the price guide.
    • We encourage to pay via Bitcoin, Moneygram, Xpress Money, Paypal, Western Union, Ria and Neteller.
    • Ask for help at any time. We guarantee a response in 24 hours.
  • This site does not intend to possess information between employers and hackers, but if required, you may avail our mediation service for a fee of USD 75. Provide details to and our resident hackers and trade review team will verify the work and ensure a fair trade for you.

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Customer Review

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  • "This site and hacker russia03 saved my daughter's life. We found the information from the culprit's FB account" - bankokx
  • "I paid good money for a legally critical data and I got it it. Thank you" - edenbrie
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