How it Works

1. Sign up on home page by clicking here.Choose first, if you
want to register as "I am a hacker" or "I am looking for a hacker" Provide information and submit.

2. Log in from home page. Provide user name and password.

3. (a) If you are looking for hackers, either search hackers and choose a hacker based on rating. Then communicate with hackers about your requirement. Or you may create a project by clicking here. Fill in the form and submit. The project will be published on the site after administrator's review. Hackers will bid in your project. The site admin may also assign a THL-verified hacker if available.

3. (b) If you are a hacker, click bid project from the top menu or search project and choose one to bid. Once you click bid on the project, the project owner will know your bid and contact with you.

4. When hackers complete your project, they will submit to the THL Trade Review Team ( THL trade review team will verify hacker’s work and advise you payment T&C accordingly.

5. After completion of your project, you close it by clicking the "close" button. You should also provide feedback about the hacker to THL Trade Review Team.

6. For any general issue, contact the site admin

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Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions

  • Isn't hacking illegal?

    HL is intended for legal and ethical use. If you feel a project violates our terms of service please report the listing immediately. We do our best to moderate projects however we rely on the community to aid in this process. 
  • Do I pay hackers directly?

    No. In THL, you do not directly pay hackers. Report to us if any hacker asks for payment in any form. All payments go through THL Trade Review Team who receives your payment and hold it for 72 hours during which you may accept the hacker’s delivery or reject the hacker’s delivery for a full refund. 
  • I've forgotten my password. How can I retrieve it?

    Navigate to the Forgotten Password page, enter email address used for the account and we will send you instructions for resetting your password.
  • Do you share my information?

    We do not share your information. Your anonymity is important to us. Unlike some other websites, we do not sell emails. In fact, we advise you to create an email for this site and not use your regular email.
  • What is the price for this kind of job?

    Please see Price guide and fraud protection
  • How can I avoid fraud?

    Please see Price guide and fraud protection
  • How do I trust a hacker or a customer?

    You do not have to blindly trust a hacker or customer, simply trade through THL Trade Review team who will ensure fair trading between both parties.

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