How It Works

Find a hacker

Find a hacker in one of the two ways. Find a hacker, choose a hacker based on their reviews and assign your job to the hacker. Or Post new job and hackers will contact you. The site will confirm the assignment of a hacker to your job.

Pay a hacker

After the job is assigned to your hacker, the hacker completes the job and submits for review. Complete the payment. We release the payment to your hacker after 72 hours during when you can validate and approve the hacker’s work. See Payment process for details.

Rate a hacker

At the end of the job, rate your hacker and provide feedback about the hacker to the site. The site sends you a form for collecting your review. This is an important part of our community to keep the process safe and up-to-date.
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Contact us and ask your questions and we respond quickly. Also see below commonly asked questions and answers.
Every hacker is tested based on work, conduct, compliance to privacy and your reviews. From the data of past 4 years, 99.4% of jobs are completed successfully on time and approved by employers.
Do not pay the hacker at any time. Only pay through site and we release your payment to your hacker after your acceptance of delivery or we refund to you within 72 hours from the receipt of payment in case non-delivery, faulty delivery or misconduct or privacy breach.
The target (victim) will not know and it is a binding requirement of any job. If the target is alerted about the hack, then the hack is invalid and you will not pay your hacker.
See Payment process and note that the price is a guide only based on past 4 years’ data. The exact price is fixed between you and your hacker. The payment process varies depending on your country, regulatory laws. Generally you can pay by most cards and common wallets.
Pay through the site and the site team releases the payment to your hacker after your approval of the delivery. From our past (historical) data of over 41 thousand jobs, our site has a 99.4% success rate. All registered hackers in our site keeps a security deposit with us for liability or damage of data or process or privacy caused to customers or the site.
Please Contact us and we will respond to you as soon as we can. We are open 24/7
** There may be limited operation hours due to Covid19 situation.
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