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Frequently Asked Questions

Be cynical in this industry. Engage and pay through the site and we will ensure fairness between both parties.
Pay through the site and to the instructions of the site. If a hacker asks for payment directly, report to

We issue an invoice with a unique Job Number for every job. The invoice has job number, details, status, terms and payment instructions. Pay to the invoice only.
Strictly follow the payment process
We accept all major credit and debit cards. We accept PayPal for selected countries. We send payment invoice that includes the payment options applicable for your job.
Average job completion rate is 99.5%. We assign suitable hackers to suitable jobs and each hacker normally has above 95% success rate in the job category.
Pay after the work. Your hacker will submit deliverables to our review team who reviews/verifies the work and then we issue a job invoice. Pay to the invoice instructions. We release payment to your hacker only after your approval.
Yes. Simply email to and mention your Job Ref# and detail your issues of dispute. We try to resolve disputes within 48 hours. We practice fair trading between both parties of a trade.
You must be 18+ to post a job or engage with a hacker in our site.
We used to allow proof but many users took the proof and ran away or were confused by proof. We do not supply sample data, name, contact, photo or screenshot as some users exploit those to target victims without paying the hacker. Note that we release payment to the hacker after your express approval.
No the victim must not know. If the victim knows or is alerted, then we invalidate the job and report both parties of the trade. This rarely happens but the hacker’s job is incomplete and invalid in case of breach.