Protect your privacy, or else you may be in trouble. With the advancement of technology, concerns about protecting our privacy from hackers have risen rapidly. And why not? Imagine waking up to emails stating all your money has been taken out of your account without your authority. Or imagine getting a message from your friend asking why you posted the link to a very embarrassing video. It would be devastating for you! In the worst-case scenario, a hacker might even use your personal information to blackmail you for money, leading to life-threatening situations. For these reasons, it is imperative to protect your privacy from hackers.

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Why Should You Be Concerned to Protect Your Privacy from Hackers?

Hackers can infect your computer with software that shows messages, plays sounds, delete files, or reprogram systems to perform tasks that harm the system and the connected hardware.

Moreover, some ransomware software will lock your data as a digital hostage until money is paid to an anonymous account within a given time. Again, often, highly customized or personalized messages that appear to be from large organizations, shops, banks, or charities are sent to users following a hyperlink. These links open a webpage where the user is asked to type their details, later used to cause harm. According to research, the threat grew by 55% between 2014 and 2015.

You might have no idea how your movements might be monitored constantly by using software like spyware. Besides, a hacker can use this information to track your location and analyze this information to identify a user’s passwords for websites or financial data such as credit card numbers and security codes:

  1. Monitoring the use of your identification cards, travel cards, passports at borders, and bank transactions
  2. Identifying devices on a network by using their IP or MAC address
  3. Using GPS data shared by apps such as friend finder apps for mobile devices
  4. GPS trackers that can be attached to items of clothing, such as belts

Are There Ways to Protect Your Privacy and Data from a Hacker?

Ethical Hackers attempt to gain access to your data directly by themselves. Alternatively, they may create software that runs thousands of times per second on devices, inputting multiple login details. Thus they get easy access to networks with poor security. Even though it is impossible to secure your privacy entirely, some measures can be taken to avoid hacking. However, keep in mind that you can prevent WiFi hacking.

The Measures For You To Protect Your Personal Data From Hackers

The measures which is a must for you to protect your privacy from hackers:

  1. Use different passwords for each of your accounts to secure privacy. Don’t use common passwords. The passwords should consist of various alphabets, letters, and numbers. Make the password as long and as unique as possible.
  2. Enable two-factor authentication to protect data. This will ask for your password and send a unique code to your phone number or device whenever you want to log in. Even if a hacker has your password, it will be useless if he doesn’t have the code.
  3. Use an Authenticator app for more safety to avoid hacking. This will generate the unique code on your device, not sending it through the internet or your number. It is a more efficient way of securing your data.
  4. You never know if a hacker monitors the hotspot in your coffee shop or airport. Don’t connect your device to any untrusted wifi networks. Ensure you are using a VPN making your access more private and secure. It uses a secure tunnel to encrypt everything you send and receive back from a server.
  5. Please turn off your Bluetooth and wifi when you aren’t using them in a public space. Bluetooth is vulnerable to a hacker’s attack even when it is not connected to a device.
  6. Users must always be careful when opening email attachments or hyperlinks in emails or other messages.

They should be conscientious if-

  • They do not recognize the sender
  • The text is general, impersonal, or irrelevant to the user
  • So the text contains spelling or grammatical errors
  • The attached file is an executable such as an .exe file
  • The text contains a message asking the user to do something immediately
  • The user doesn’t recognize the URL

What If You Do Face the Above Mentioned Issues?

In these cases, you shouldn’t further provide personal information to protect your privacy from social media hackers. If you want to know whether a link following an email or message is authentic, copy it and paste it into the search bar.

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Follow These Tips to Protect Your Privacy and Personal Data

  • Avoid sharing personal details to protect your privacy. Never share your pin code or password with anyone. Moreover, block any offensive messages and requests from suspicious accounts.
  • If your phone is ever stolen or lost, you wouldn’t want a hacker to read your two-step authentication code popping up on your lock screen. Hide sensitive information showing up on your lock screen, which might be vulnerable to a hacker’s attack. You can find this feature in the settings of most phones.
  • Download apps, games, information, and software from trusted sources since others might be infected.
  • Ensure you update your device regularly to keep up with new daily threats. Don’t increase the risk of hacking by pushing out updates.
  • Having firewalls is a must. Firewalls prevent unauthorized access from entering a private network by creating safety barriers.
  • Update your device’s antivirus software regularly, blocking any suspected viruses and threats. Make sure it’s up to date and routinely updated.
  • And also Scan your device frequently to check for any vulnerabilities and threats.
  • Schedule regular backups, which create multiple copies of data. So it is stored on an external storage device to protect data. This makes the data more secure since backup files will be safe even if the original device or source is stolen or damaged.

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