In recent years, the cost of hiring a hacker has increased dramatically. This is due, in part, to the fact that there are more hackers available for hire, and the demand for their services is high. The cost of hiring a hacker varies depending on the required services. But typically ranges from several hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. This article discusses How much it costs to hire a hacker.

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One of the reasons the cost of hiring a hacker has increased is that more hackers are available for hire than ever before.

Competitive researchers surveyed selected websites on the dark web in September 2021, collecting information on 12 device hacking services. We will not list these sites or their URLs here for ethical reasons. The survey collected 121 data, including web page names and prices for the required service. The service provider’s prices are often based on time, scope, and complexity. And danger-based researchers surveyed. But Competitive was still able to figure out the average prices for some of these illegal services.

Prices are listed in US dollars. We transfer those amounts to US dollars by applying the exchange rate from when the price was recorded.

Here is a brief description and the average cost of the most common hacking services.

A Website Hacking Service:

Average cost: $394

In recent years, website hacking has become a more and more common occurrence. Hackers can gain access to websites for a variety of reasons, such as financial gain, political motives, or simply for the thrill of it. Often, the owners of the websites are only aware that their site has been hacked once they start receiving complaints from users or see a drop in traffic.

A group of hacker claimed it is able to “hack any website,” enabling access to the underlying web server into a website’s administrative panel. Another said it could steal databases and administrative credentials.

In addition to websites, game servers, and internet connections, an attacker can target other internet infrastructure.

DDOS Attack:

Average cost: $26 Per Hour.

Attack prices depend on the bandwidth required to perform the attack, so that it can fluctuate drastically.

A distributed denial of service attack (DDoS attack) attempts to make an online service unavailable by overwhelming it with traffic from multiple sources. DDoS attacks can be launched from a single computer or a coordinated group of computers. A DDoS attack aims to prevent legitimate users from accessing the target system.

This is typically achieved by flooding the target with superfluous requests, packets, or messages, thereby overwhelming it and preventing legitimate requests from being fulfilled.

Personal Attack:

Average cost: $551

In the world of hacking, personal attacks are a common occurrence. Hackers will often attack one another to prove who is the better hacker. These attacks can be anything from verbal insults to attempts to crash the other hacker’s system. So personal attacks can also be directed at people who are not hackers. This can include journalists who write about hacking and people who work for companies that make security products.

Changing High School Grades:

Average cost: $526

Among the most frequent services offered by some of the hacking services we examined is recovering information relating to this account. It’s among the most expensive services. A cyber-attacker can change a student’s academic record and grades in return for payment. This service is available to schools and universities, and recruited teachers are involved.

Some hackers offer to steal the solutions to upcoming tests.

Social Media Account Hacking:

Average cost: $230

It has become increasingly common for social media accounts to be hacked. Celebrities, politicians, and everyday people have all had their social media accounts hacked in recent years. While many people think their account needs to be more critical to hack, this is only sometimes the case. Hackers can gain access to your account and posts, which can then be used to exploit your friends and followers. Hackers often target social media accounts because they are a way to gain access to personal information or to spread malware. In the forum, hackers make advertisements hire a hacker for social media.

Custom Malware:

Average cost: $318

A customer can request a malware package consisting of key loggers, botnets, and ransomware from a specific seller. So the seller guarantees the customers’ services to be 100% undetectable.

Location Tracking:

Average cost: $195

So hackers may track a person’s location, commonly by watching the IP address of their mobile device. Others might utilize open-source intelligence to assist in finding the address.

Computer and Phone Hacking:

Average cost: $343

Computer and phone hacking is a significant issue in the world today. There are countless stories of people’s personal information being hacked and stolen. Sometimes, hackers manage to access people’s computer systems and phones to steal their personal information or money. Sometimes, they can even take over people’s devices, using them to send spam or other malicious content. All of this can be very damaging to people both financially and emotionally.

Hackers openly offer this service to their customers & Peoples hire someone to hack a phone.

Email Hacking:

Average cost: $241

Attackers typically steal passwords and then break into the account in question. So they may have the authority to give the password to the customer, or they may break into the account themselves to get and find this information or the customer’s emails. They can also set up email forwarding so the customer can access those who have received emails from the victim.

There are many ways to hire email hackers. One way is to find people skilled in this field and ask them to help you with your business. Another option is to find people skilled in the interception of email traffic and ask them to help you with your security defenses.

Debt or Credit:

Average cost: $257

A few hacking groups proclaim they can increase clients’ scores or clear their debts. Some deny a flat fee, while others charge a percentage of the savings. One group of hackers said it could erase clients’ names from blocklists of loan defaulters at an additional fee.

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Others Services That Hackers Provide:

Average cost: Negotiable based on task.

  1. COVID-19 vaccine / hospital database hacking: The hacker may look into a hospital’s COVID-19 vaccine database to either observe in possession of vaccine information or use the identity of the vaccine-receiving individual as a nickname.
  2. Post removal service: The hacker vows to remove any post from social media sites.
  3. Black hat SEO: The hacker may change a site’s search engine rankings by tampering with search results.
  4. Security audits: The hacker will inspect your host’s security level.

The Last Talk:

In conclusion,  how much does it cost to hire a hacker? It is evident that the cost of hacker for hire varies depending on the type of hacker, their level of experience, and the work required. However, on average, the cost ranges from $50 to $100 per Hour & On average, $100 to $1000 may vary and negotiations.

Therefore, it is essential to consider all the factors involved before hiring a hacker to get the best value for your money.

Hello. This is Helen L. Billie. I am a professional ethical hacker for hire with years of experience in the industry. I am committed to providing secure and ethical hacking solutions to businesses and individuals, and is highly skilled in various areas of ethical hacking.